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Since 1924 Dixline Corporation has been producing casket hardware. We are proud of what we do, and strive for the best quality.

Dixline has corporate offices, two manufacturing facilities, a laboratory and waste treatment facility, and a warehouse operation in Galva, Illinois. Moved to Galva in 1924, Dixline Corporation is privately owned by the Thomson family. The fourth and fifth generations of the Thomson family are actively involved in the management and operation of the company today.

Dixline Corporation is a metal fabrication and finishing company that sells to a worldwide market. Dixline’s primary business has always been centered around the production and finishing of decorative and functional casket hardware for use on burial caskets.

Over the years we have expanded our capabilities to include manufacturing products on a contract basis for the automotive, hand tool, banking equipment, furniture, farm implement, irrigation, pumping, sports and fitness, and toy industries. Manufacturing and service capabilities include steel stamping, punching and roll forming; die and slush casting of zinc; polishing, buffing and vibrafinishing; electroplating, vacuum metalizing, and powder coating; and assembling, packaging, and shipping, including exporting. Support services such as die maintenance, laboratory services and hazardous waste processing and recycling are all handled in-house.

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